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Hank's Filling Station

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Hank's Filling Station

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Who is Hank?

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Many have asked us where the name “Hank’s Filling Station” originated. This is the story of local racing and car enthusiast James “Hank” Hankins who inspired the name and concept behind Hank’s Filling Station.

Hank gave many Virginia and North Carolina car racers their “big break,” the chance at moving up the ladder to faster and more lucrative racing. Some of these racers even became successful pro racers. After a non-stop life of never standing still, James “Hank” Hankins earned a much-deserved rest when he passed away November 26, 1994, in his hometown of Norfolk, Virginia. In 2016, the East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame respectfully inducted James “Hank” Hankins to its ranks.

Hank’s Filling Station, which inhabits the same location as the original Hank’s Curb Service Store, is proud to pay tribute to local hero Hank Hankins, whose lifetime and career achievements touched tens of thousands of individuals.

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